Then & Now

We decided to decorate our Christmas Trees a little different this year – with our baby/childhood pictures! Read more

Party Time!

Every year, we get together to celebrate and kick off the holidays. This year was no exception! Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for you and hope you have a safe and peaceful holiday!

PES Kids

Last week, we showed you how WE dressed up for Halloween. Now, it’s time to check out Read more

Happy Halloween!

This year, we had several members of our warehouse team get into the Halloween spirit – check out the pics below! Read more

Potluck Time

Our AMAZING warehouse team took a much-needed break this last Friday to make each other their favorite dishes Read more

Scavenger Hunt

We’re sure you’ve figured out by now that we like to have fun when we get our teams together :). This last August was no exception! Read more

Kelly on her dad, Bill Burrell

Each year, we celebrate Founder’s Week to honor Kelly’s dad, Bill Burrell. This year was no different! Please watch Read more

History Lesson w/Skippy

In honor of Founder’s Week, we interviewed our very own Skippy to see how PES has evolved over the years Read more

Labor Day

We hope you’re all taking it easy and having a safe and fun Labor Day!