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To make it easier to imagine the possibilities, take a look at a few engine applications. PES Industrial experts are available to help you plan the right engine into your next design.

KOHLER Diesel KDI Application: OXBO 7440 Berry Harvester


The flexible design of the Oxbo 7440 allows for harvesting of many crops, including blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

PES Industrial Power Solution:  KOHLER KDI 2504TCR   

In addition to meeting Tier 4 compliance, this Kohler KDI allowed easy integration into existing spacing requirements and increased performance.

Our PES Industrial staff worked hand-in-hand with Oxbo throughout the application testing process to ensure the KDI 2504 exceeded expectations.  As Oxbo moved into production, PES Industrial coordinated the delivery of power units to meet production schedule demand.

For more information on Oxbo, click here.


KOHLER Diesel KDI Application: Wrico 30KW Generator

KDI Application

This 30KW Prime Power Generator can produce energy 24/7 to power any off-grid or stand-by system.

PES Industrial Power Solution: KOHLER KDI 1903TCR

Advanced features include the common rail, 4-valve head, turbocharger, electronic cooled EGR, oil-control system and diesel-oxygenated catalyst (DOC). KOHLER Diesel KDI engines do not have a DPF – lowering operating costs and maintenance. Discover the long-lasting performance of KOHLER Diesel KDI.

For more information on Wrico, click here.

Diesel Application: ACME Logging Carriage

Diesel application
KOHLER KD 6252 & KD 440 Air Cooled Diesel

This logging carriage revolutionized the logging industry by giving loggers the ability to quickly and safely haul logs up hills. It has a wench that pulls logs off the ground while dragging them up the hill, with the ability to slack the mainline on the way out and drop turns down on the way in.

PES Industrial Power Solution: KOHLER KD 440 Air-Cooled Diesel

This diesel engine delivers the Performance Engineering standards you’ve come to expect from KOHLER. The direct injection system produces increased power and lower fuel consumption. Full pressure lubrication offers superior cooling and performance, combined with full-flow oil filters for longer engine and component life. Air cooling, horizontal shaft, single-cylinder design, and a cast iron liner set the standard for power and engineering excellence.

For more information on ACME Manufacturing, click here.

Gas Application: TAJFUN RCA 480 Joy Firewood Processor

Gas Application
KOHLER CH1000 Command Pro

All basic machine functions—log feeding and clamping, cutting, splitting, and splitting wedge height adjustment—are controlled via a single joystick. Power to the cutting chain is clutch controlled allowing for stopping of the blade between cuts. This saves on chain/bar wear and chain lube. An oil cooler on the self-contained hydraulic system ensures reliability during sustained operation.

PES Industrial Power Solution: KOHLER CH1000 Command Pro

This V-twin cylinder, air-cooled, horizontal-shaft engine is built to last. OHV, cast iron cylinder liners, and aluminum block construction make the 4-cycle, gasoline-powered Command PRO® ready for the long haul.

For more information on Tajfun, click here.

Gas Application: Jetters Northwest 3012 Water Jetter for Drain Cleaning

Gas Application
KOHLER ECH-749 Command Pro EFI

Draws water from Hose-Bib or easily connects to a Larger Water-Tank (several tank-sizes available, or provide your own) Blowing water through it to clean a drain.

PES Industrial Power Solution: KOHLER ECH-749 Command Pro EFI

If you want lower operating costs and less downtime, the fuel-sipping KOHLER Command PRO EFI is your engine. Closed-loop electronic fuel injection saves you big on gas and covers more ground between fill-ups.

This engine saves on fuel, has advanced sensor technology, allowing the engine to optimize performance by automatically adapt to operating conditions. EFI diagnostic software provides quick and easy troubleshooting, minimizing downtime.

For more information on Jetters NW, click here.

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