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Power Equipment Systems and their industrial department-PES Industrial, managed by Eric Ericksen, have provided great solutions for our Tajfun RCA Firewood processor power pack development. They recommended Kohler CH 1000, a 37 HP gas engine, which has proven to be a definite solution for our machines. They have also provided an outstanding technical expertise and support in the testing and the development process of our products. Their cooperation has been very functional, professional and creative. They are a great company to work with. Thank you PES!

Alex Radojcic
CEO Tajfun USA

Our Kohler Diesel Engine Supplier PES & PES Territory Manager/Engine Specialist, Eric Ericksen, have proven to be a Five Star ***** Supplier by providing outstanding customer service and technical competency. I recommend them highly!

Lynn A. Stuart
Founder/Hydra-Power Systems, Inc.

I am writing to you today to let you know how satisfied we are with the Kohler tier 4 engine products we are using. Over the past two years, we have switched our top-selling berry harvesters over to the Kohler KDI 2504 and KDI 1903. To say the least, we are please with the result.

We found it a pleasure to work with the Kohler engineering group as we designed the engines into our harvester platforms. This group was responsive to our requests and assisted us greatly throughout the design process. We learned these little engines pack a lot of power. With the KDI 2504, we experienced a performance increase, even though the horsepower rating of the engine is over 10% less than our previous package. The power-to-weight ratio for this engine is phenomenal. All of this in a nice compact package that fits nicely into our application.

We have been running the KDI 2504 for two seasons now. We find the engine to be extremely reliable. To date, we have had no major engine problems. That said, we had a pleasant experience when working with the Kohler parts department while stocking our shelves with common components. They are very service-oriented.

Along with reliability, we find the engine to be highly efficient. We have incorporated eco-mode and have experienced up to a 50% reduction in fuel consumption. The engine runs quietly, and this pleases our customer base.

We were a little nervous to use the 3-cylinder KDI 1903, as vibration is a common problem for 3-cylinder diesel engines. Again, we were pleasantly surprised. This engine runs very smooth, even compared to the 4-cylinder it replaced, and the product we store on the harvester is not degrading due to engine vibration.

One would think that an engine that does all of this would come at a high price. Not so for the Kohler product. Pricing is competitive, creating a highly cost-effective solution for us. We look forward to working with both the Kohler company and our local distributor of the product, PES.

Scott Korthuis
Berry Product Manager/Oxbo International

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