KOHLER Diesel KDI Engines

The Tier 4 Final game changer

When it came to creating heavy-duty power for demanding applications, KOHLER built an engine for the future: the KOHLER Diesel KDI. Ultra-compact design with no DPF. Lower operating costs. And the turbocharged muscle you need, with maximum power density.

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Features of All KOHLER Diesel KDI Engines

Tier 4 Final – No DPF

  • ¬†Optimized combustion system helps achieve the industry’s toughest emission standards
  • Ultra-compact design with a better fit for all applications
  • No downtime for DPF maintenance

Lower Operating Costs

  • Ultra-efficient performance means savings at the pump
  • No DPF maintenance or replacement costs
  • No fuel wasted on DPF regeneration

Maximum Power Density

Delivers 29.7 kW/L and 134 hp (available on KDI3404)

Comfortable, Quiet Operation

In-block counterbalance shafts for low noise and low vibration – KOHLER’s quietest diesel ever

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KOHLER Diesel KDI Engine Types

View details about each KOHLER Diesel KDI Engine type.
Mechanical engines available upon request.

KOHLER Diesel KDI: Turbo Common Rail Engines


Horsepower Range: 56

Torque Ratings: 225Nm


  • 500-hour oil change intervals
  • 4 valves per cylinder
  • Liquid-cooled
  • Cast iron crankcase with vibration-absorbing bed plate


Horsepower Range: 74

Torque Ratings: 300Nm


  • One-side service
  • Advanced common rail direct injection system
  • Hydraulic valve filters
  • Straight toot gear reduced pitch


Horsepower Range: 134

Torque Ratings: 500Nm


  • In-block counterbalance shafts
  • Low noise, low vibration
  • Compact design
  • Responds instantly to demanding loads

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