Lock N Lube – New SKUs!

If you remember, we introduced a new product, Lock N Lube grease couplers, last month. They’ve done so well Read more

Thanksgiving 2017

You know what they say – the way to a PES employee’s heart is their stomach đŸ™‚ We had a successful potluck today with all kinds of squash, turkey, elk sausage, and more!

Willamette Valley Ag Expo

This week, our sales team headed out to the Willamette Valley Ago Expo in Albany, OR to support Littau Harvester. It’s always great to help our dealers sell excellent product!

Holiday Party 2017

Last week, we celebrated our 2017 Holiday Party in style. We rented an arcade in Downtown Salem and had an absolute blast eating great food and playing arcade games with each other!