Concrete and Fast Cars

Recently, Pete (pictured above) and Eric joined Kohler at the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas (yes, that’s a real show). Read more

Oxbo Charity Event

Every year, our Business Development Manager, Eric Ericksen, helps organize a charity event for Oxbo. Read more

Kohler KDI Training

We had the pleasure of having some of our dealers in town this past month for our Kohler KDI training. We always enjoy getting to have one-on-one time with our customers!

Blueberry Fields Forever

Ever wonder how blueberry fields keep birds from eating their crops? Read more

Tajfun RCA480 Firewood Processor

Tajfun is the #1 selling firewood processor in the world! The newest processor, the RCA480, is powered by Read more

Pioneer Pump Application

Another Kohler Diesel-powered application in the books! Pioneer Pump selected the Kohler KDW1003 engine for Read more

Oxbo Grape Harvester

Next year, keep your eyes open for one of the newest Kohler KDI-powered applications – the Oxbo 3130 Grape Harvester! Read more

That’s a Wrap

Our Kohler KDI Business Development Manager, Eric Ericksen, has been touring a KDI 2504 TCR engine around the Pacific Northwest this past year. Read more

Racing Adventures


Eric, our resident Kohler expert, entered (AND WON!) a drag racing event last weekend. Read more

PES Industrial Launch


PES Industrial enginePES Industrial is a division within PES focused on powering OEM applications with Kohler Power Solutions, which includes gas, diesel, and KDI engines. Read more