We’re Here for You

We want to extend comfort and encouragement to those in our PES community who are facing outbreaks, restrictions, or quarantines. We are here for you. We wanted to share a few things we are doing to meet your business needs and keep you and our employees safe and healthy:

  • Proactively stocking up on parts and engines to help ensure an uninterrupted supply.
  • Developing staffing plans to keep employees safe and operations running.
  • Restricting Territory Manager in-person visits. TM’s will be working from home for the time being. They will be reaching out to you by phone or email, checking in to see how you’re doing.
  • Limiting outside visitors to PES to prevent the spread of this virus.
Of course, here at our PES campus, we are practicing safe habits: hand sanitizer, wipes, soap, and elbow bumping.  Employees certainly appreciate the reduction of face-to-face meetings 🙂
We realize this is an ever-evolving situation.  We will keep you updated if things change. Text us (503) 878-7292 to let us know how you’re doing.  We will be posting your comments and stories to this very Newsfeed.
We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers