PES has been great in helping us spec the right engine for our unique systems and they treat us like a large company, providing great service and the right equipment!

Dan Jones at GelFire Systems

Who knew engine expertise could come from such friendly folks?

Our expert-trained engine specialist will help you find and spec the right engine for your power equipment that is competitively priced and meets EPA regulations. PES is a proud distributor of Kohler Engines, an unbeatable brand. We can pretty much spec anything, from agricultural to lawn and garden to recreational equipment - Just ask!

Meet our In-House Engine Expert

With over 45 years experience in the engine and equipment industry, Eric Ericksen is considered an expert in the field. Eric began his first 25 years in the industry as a small engine tech, and then spent the next 19 years as a parts and service manager. Eric’s extensive knowledge can help you spec your next project. In his spare time, Eric restores classic cars and rides his Harley. For questions about an engine application, please fill out the form below to get in touch with Eric.

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