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Kohler 5400 Series
Hey good news: Kohler just created the 5400 Series — your new favorite mower engine. How? Well they started by creating an entirely new engine from the ground up. Then gave you a crazy smooth ride by significantly reducing engine vibration and noise. And just for kicks, they made it super durable and powerful.


Kohler Confidant EFI Series
Introducing Confidant EFI, the ultimate mower engine now with electronic fuel injection (EFI). So why EFI? It increases your uptime, saves you cash, reduces maintenance and starts so easy, it’s hard to believe.

Kohler Air-Cooled Diesel Series
Kohler air-cooled diesel engines are engineered with a state-of-art air filter to increase durability, boost engine performance, and lengthen service intervals. Couple that with the engine’s cast iron cylinder liner and you’ve got a machine that doesn’t know how to quit.